The program empowers travel start-ups such as travel websites, review sites and travel technology vendors to focus on launching and growing their ventures without worrying about the complexities and costs of sourcing, managing and displaying hotel visual content. Under the program, approved start-ups receive a fully implemented subscription to MediaConnect Complete for one year with no integration, certification or recurring costs. While the program is designed primarily to benefit travel technology start-ups by enabling them to offer better user experiences to their customers through high quality hotel media, it also benefits hotel chains and properties. Specifically, hotel chains that subscribe to VScape and hotel properties that subscribe to Vizlly. As more and more start-ups join the program, the hotel images and digital brochures that chains and properties syndicate using Leonardo’s digital asset management and digital marketing systems will benefit from reaching a larger and expanding audience of travel shoppers on new and exciting travel websites and apps. “We were once a start-up ourselves and innovation is part of our DNA, so offering fresh, innovative travel start-ups with a solution that will help will help fuel their growth truly excites us. We want to be part of their success and our contribution to that is through enabling them to offer their customers the best quality hotel multimedia with the most robust technology behind it – without breaking the bank,” says John McAuliffe, President, Leonardo Worldwide. Get the full story at Leonardo