Pegasus Solutions has entered into an agreement with Leonardo Media, a global provider of digital image content, to improve the quality and quantity of the more than 200,000 images in Pegasus' Online Distribution Database (ODD) as the first step in a major property content database redesign Pegasus has undertaken.

David Elton, CEO of Leonardo, said that the Pegasus image management solution, which will be available by year's end, will represent a "significant achievement in bringing two industry leaders together to provide a single source repository to deliver the quality and quantity of images that can further increase hotels' ability to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market."

When completed, a Pegasus branded image management portal powered by Leonardo will be available to hotels for loading and maintaining their properties' images in ODD. In addition, extended validation will be introduced to ensure image sizing and quality standards for all images submitted. This aligns well with the overall ODD redesign strategy to improve content consistency and accuracy through standardization and new data management tools.

Dennis Law, senior vice president of product management at Pegasus said: "Once the redesign is completed, the ODD will be the industry's leading repository of hotel content. Its more structured content formats, improved data accuracy and consistent quality will increase the number and variety of travel channels through which our customers can market their hotels. It will also be easier to update giving users the ability to keep their information current," he said. Work on the redesign will be completed in 2006, he noted.

The Pegasus ODD houses images, property and room descriptions for more than 60,000 hotels and is accessible by an estimated 350,000 travel agents, travel distributors and travel Web sites around the world.