New tactics, like sequential storytelling, where advertisements can reflect and follow the path to purchase, has become a powerful strategy pioneered by travel that breaks away from the standard advertising tactics. Because travel sits in a complicated place in people’s lives, travel advertising has to reflect that. For instance, travel is made up of a number of purchases: flight, hotel, car, and events while you’re there - the list goes on and on. Additionally, travel purchases happen all the time, for all kinds of reasons: it’s one of the first things that people splurge on when they have extra money, and is also one of the first ‘extravagant’ purchases cut back on during lean times. Travel, then, has a fairly unique and often serpentine path to purchase. Therefore, sending a one-off, random ad on a website will be ineffective for travel advertising. Instead, creating a story that brings the traveler through the path to purchase is a much more effective, far less invasive method of advertising. Get the full story at MarTech Advisor