Through interviews with some of Canada's top tourism industry marketing professionals, Alicia Whalen, Co-Founder of A Couple of Chicks, has summarized some of the key trends and challenges we have faced as an industry over the past decade of what we can call a digital convergence of media, and will explore more of what the future holds for tourism marketers on April 2nd 2015 at the 10th Annual Online Revealed Conference. Lessons Learned 1. The next "Big Thing" can wait: First we must understand how consumer behavior is shifting with increased time spent online and in consumption of media, and more specifically how this affects our business before investing in new platforms and technology. Remember Mobile 1st? Web 2.0? These are only a few of the buzz words that have rushed us, maybe too soon into building expensive Mobile APPs, or to investing in Website development, most often without the budget to support it, or a plan to manage it. Properly vetting digital platforms and technology, as well as long term budgeting for development of digital assets (of any kind) is recommended as we continue to shift more of our budgets to digital, social and mobile media marketing- and in technology required to support it. Get the full story at