Social media is a mirror--a reflection of your company, and how you're doing today. Sometimes you look in a mirror and don't see the truth. Then, every once in a while, you catch a glimpse as you walk by, and say--wait a minute, what was I thinking with this haircut? It works the same way with social media. It's easy to blame the reflection on your consumers. Sometimes your social sites can seem overwhelmingly negative. But remember: all of this feedback existed before, it just wasn't in a public forum. The trick is to take all that feedback and do something with it. Consider compiling an insights report and giving it to shareholders and friends of your organization. They're already looking at your social sites anyway. Why not make it easier for them, and simultaneously explain how you're addressing it? According to this article, 99.9 percent of the time, your company doesn't have a social media problem. It has a business problem. And when that problem is fixed, you'll see it reflected in the mirror that is social media. Get the full story at