Many hotel companies are now offering a discount to loyalty members who book on, in part to increase direct bookings and also to deliver guests “instant gratification.” Duetto is a big proponent of this and think it’s a great first step that will eventually lead to personalized 1:1 rates rather than flat, blanket discounts. Duetto is advocating for loyalty pricing because it seems to be where the industry is headed and it removes a layer of congestion from true guest personalization. Because of all the accrued points that go unused each year, we are betting on personalized loyalty pricing winning in the end. But we also understand there are certain people who live and die by their points. So we’re working side-by-side with those programs while suggesting hotels at least put a transition plan in place. Regardless of your strategy, the bottom line is guest communication. It’s imperative hoteliers communicate to their guests what they’re getting in return for their loyalty, thus increasing that personal connection. Get the full story at Duetto