Looking at directions and finding restaurant information were the most popular travel-related mobile activities conducted by US LGBT mobile device users in all age groups, each cited by around nine in 10 baby boomers, Generation Xers and millennials. Checking flight statuses and researching destination attractions were also popular mobile travel activities among respondents, though millennials were much more likely than boomers to do the latter. While respondents from each generation ranked most activities in the same order, usage was generally higher among the youngest age group and lower among the oldest. One place where this reversed, though, was when it came to car rentals. More than one-fifth of LGBT boomers rented cars for their trips via mobile, compared with 19% of Gen Xers and just 16% of millennials. Across generations, about 40% of LGBT mobile users reserved hotels through their devices, and more than one-quarter booked flights. But that’s where the similarities ended. When booking lodging via mobile, LGBT millennials were huge fans of online travel agencies (OTAs). Nearly two-thirds of millennials booked that way, compared with 55% of Gen Xers and 43% of boomers. The two older age groups—especially boomers—preferred to book through a hotel’s mobile site. Lodging-sharing and deal sites, much newer on the scene, were around 10 percentage points more popular among millennials than boomers or Gen Xers. Get the full story at eMarketer