In terms of marketing objectives, the automotive industry is the number one advertiser in the United States. And, the industry is actually tiered, so you have a tiered marketing strategy. The upper funnel is where you build brand awareness for a product. This is compared to the lower funnel, where you have more transactional marketing strategies, which are done in conjunction with the dealer body. It is important to be able to provide a conduit for the consumer to weave between the upper funnel and the lower funnel.

It is also important for the marketer to be able to target individuals, particularly in the automotive landscape today. According to J.D. Power, today, close to 70 percent of all automotive purchasers are online researching their products; and, 89 percent of those individuals utilize a search engine. So, unlike in days past, the online landscape has become the virtual showroom. In the past, the dealers could recognize the success of a product through the traffic at their store. But in many cases today, the "traffic" is actually on the web. So, it is imperative that marketers find these consumers where they are as they are researching their products online.

If you look at Google, we have the opportunity to connect to the consumer via search. But, at the same time, through our vast content network of thousands of sites, we have the opportunity to actually target a particular consumer segment within those sites for a very cost effective CPM. So consequently, we can start to see the correlation online of a strong online branding platform that connects very smoothly with a lower funnel, transactional medium, such as search.

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