Web 2.0 is a buzzword for the increasing importance of social sites, i.e. websites where the readers contribute more to the content of the site than the owners themselves.

There are especially three types of Web 2.0 sites that are of importance for search engine marketers: bookmarking sites like del.icio.us, blog trackers and search engines like Technorati, and article recommendation sites like digg.

The main function of bookmarking sites is to help people gather their bookmarks or favorite sites online, making them accessible on any computer.

However, these sites will also generate list of popular web sites and pages, generating traffic. And who knows, a good headline may also attract bloggers, leading to more inbound links.

Moreover, there is reason to believe that some search engines may bookmarking part of their search algorithm, interpreting a large number of bookmarks as a sign of quality. del.icio.us is, for instance, owned by Yahoo!

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