Live chat is known to be an effective customer service tool and a popular real-time communication mean. When integrated on a hotel website, live chat allows travelers to connect instantly with the hotel staff and ask any inquiries that they might have regarding the hotel accommodations or their upcoming trip. Immediacy is highly valued in this modern, fast-paced era, and live chat enables an effective communication strategy between businesses and consumers. Given the seamless integration on a hotel website, live chat increases the chances of getting direct bookings. In many cases, besides from the information that can be found on the brand website, travelers might have additional questions, concerns, or requests and being able to connect with a member of the hotel staff, on the spot, means that they get all the desired information. This decreases the chances of browsing other websites and increases the direct booking opportunities. Naturally, any direct booking saves money that would otherwise be spent on third party commissions, and therefore, hoteliers can increase their overall profits. Get the full story at TrustYou