Ever since local search engine optimization has become industry-accepted, webmasters and local business owners have wanted a way to benefit from it. For those in the search engine optimization (SEO, SEM) field, this means optimizing sites to be ranked high for localized search queries.

This can be done by including your targeted geographical area(s) in your Title tags, content and links. Chances are your site can rank higher for "Seattle office supplies" than the more competitive term, "office supplies". That's simple. Job done, right?

Hardly. A local income tax accountant would care more about getting qualified business in February and March than how high they rank in Google for "YourCity Accountant".

Isn't this contradictive as optimization means achieving high search engine rankings? Not at all. The best SEO firms focus more on conversions than rankings alone. It's great to get users to your site, but it does little other than ego-branding if they don't take action once they find you. This is especially true in local search engine optimization.

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