According to Pew Research, about 54% of mobile users in the US engage in social media activities through their mobile device. Also, ComScore’s The 2010 Mobile Year in Review states that there has been a rapid rise in percentage of mobile users switching to smartphones. What do these numbers tell us? One, there is an established customer base which is socially active and more importantly, mobile. Two, the possibilities to take mobile social interaction to an altogether different level is a realistic proposition, with the sharp increase in percentage of smartphone adoption across developed markets like the US and Europe. As a brand, how do you tap into the potential that lies here? How do you combine the ‘mobile’ character of your customer and leverage it to your brand’s advantage? Again, our simple terminology of “places” and “things” fits in here best. Driving that ‘mobile’ customer to your “place” is the principal challenge. How do you use his mobile device and his ‘mobile’ character to move him from where he already is to where you would like him to be: your “place” i.e. your store? This is where the concept of location based marketing steps in. Get the full story at Buzzvalve