London hotels are among the most expensive in Europe for guests who want access to the Internet, a survey has found. The survey, carried out by Internet company Webaroo, found that top hotels in the capital charge an average of 19.70 pounds for 24-hour access. The Hilton and Ritz for example charge 20 pounds, it said.

German and French hotels are often expensive too. The survey found an average charge of 16.99 pounds per day in Berlin and Munich, and 14.23 pounds in Paris. The hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich was the most expensive of those surveyed, charging 25.87 pounds per day.

"I am always amazed at the prices people are asked to pay for wi-fi on holiday or their travels," said Brad Husick, president of Webaroo, a free software programme to enable users to browse real Web pages without a connection.

He went on to warn: "Even with the top hotels you have to be careful to check the fine print as their 24-hour period is from 12pm to 12pm the next day, so you could legitimately end up paying 40 pounds for two days net use because you checked your connection in the morning and at night the same day.

"On top of that, many hotels place a limit on the amount of data you can receive in that period, preventing large downloads or the sending of large presentation files without extraordinary surcharges."

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