LonelyPlanet.com, website of the world's leading independent global travel information provider and publisher, Lonely Planet, announced that paid advertising in the form of banner and skyscraper ads will be introduced on the site February 1.

Travel Ad Network (TAN), a privately-held firm specializing in exclusive online ad representation of travel publishers, will exclusively represent LonelyPlanet.com in the Americas.

"We believe that selective relationships with advertisers will provide valuable information to our users," said Cameron Holland, Vice President eCommerce at Lonely Planet. "The opportunity to advertise on LonelyPlanet.com presents advertisers a unique opportunity to communicate with travelers who are intrepid, curious-minded and socially aware and who are actively engaged in researching and planning their next journey. We feel that ours is a unique opportunity and we look forward to working with Travel Ad Network to make it a success."

LonelyPlanet.com will prepare visitors to its site for the upcoming advertising with a rotation of witty house ads with taglines along the lines of: "Relax, this won't hurt a bit," and "No Pain No Gain." The ironic, self-aware tone of the ads is in keeping with the Lonely Planet brand which is synonymous with curiosity, independence, adventure, and of course, travel. Since the company does not accept advertising in its books, this will be the first opportunity for advertisers to associate with the brand and interact with Lonely Planet's much coveted online audience.

"We're tremendously excited to be working with Lonely Planet, one of the truly distinctive, trusted names in the travel space and in media throughout," said Cree Lawson, Founder and CEO of TAN. "As veterans of many years of web media, we've sort of been there, done that when it comes to gimmicks and what's 'new.' That's how we know that, both in traditional media and online, trusted brands and their loyal audiences are what really matter."

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