From football pitch to super bowl, athletics track to boxing ring, sporting fans love to watch their team play and they love to travel to do so. In fact, sports travel & tourism is said to be worth $600 billion globally, according to research from World Travel Market. Take FC Internazionale Milano, a club with some 100 million fans around the world. “We do have a captive audience,” admits Walker Fletcher FC Inter Managing Director Americas, who will be speaking at TDS North America later this year. “We travel a lot, our fans travel a lot and they have a greater propensity to travel than the average consumer.” Most professional sports clubs are also pretty cash flush. Football and events like the Olympics may be in a different league altogether, but even the 30 clubs of the National Hockey League are expected to rack up $477 million in sponsorships for the 2015-2016 season, a rise of 6.7% on the previous comparable period. With official sponsors paying over the odds, and promotions tightly controlled – especially for big events like the Olympics and Euro 2016. But even travel firms that aren’t ‘official sponsors’ try to leverage fans propensity to travel to promote offers either at home or in relevant feeder markets. Get the full story at EyeForTravel