The recent study released by comScore evaluates the way Chinese internet users spend their time online. The study only examined the habits of users who are fifteen years of age or older and accesssed the web from a home or work location, and the study looked at the Greater China area. The number of activities engaged in online is more diverse than in the North American and European markets, and the amount of time spent on web portals is substantially higher. Web portals – meaning sites that aggregate content from a variety of sources to provide a one-stop collection of relevant, current data – make up 24.4 percent of all time spent on the internet in China. The second most popular activity, entertainment (which includes watching video content), accounts for only 9 percent of time spent on the web. Using search sites or similar web navigation accounts for 6.2 percent of traffic. The revealing element, however, is how little time is spent on social networking. Get the full story at Search Engine Watch