The great deals on plush hotel rooms these past few years got you used to lavish accommodations. Scoring low rates was often as easy as one-stop shopping at or

No more. The hotel business is booming, and luxury on the cheap seems elusive. The likes of Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, Omni and Wyndham now put most of their best rates on their own Web sites. And along with higher room charges come the surcharges, for such things as leaving before your reservation is up ($50 on average).

But luxury at a lower price is still within reach, for both business travel and getting away from it all. Whether you like to book quickly, get upgrades, stay in nice venues overseas or take more time in exchange for better bargains, we have a strategy that will work. And if you don't mind booking a hotel in a particular neighborhood without knowing the exact hotel, you may capture an even better deal.

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