How do you reach thousands of potential guests who want a dramatic, luxurious West Hollywood experience when they stay in LA? That was the question for the Chamberlain West Hollywood, which wanted to extend their marketing reach beyond their strong social media presence. The answer was Since implementing the brand advocacy platform six months ago, Chamberlain guests have shared about their stay with 143,000 friends and family around the world - people who likely share their upscale demographic, and who desire a luxury hotel when they visit LA. " has been able to drive bookings and awareness to our upscale boutique hotel," said John Douponce, General Manager of the Chamberlain West Hollywood. "Fully 21% of our guests have shared about our hotel with their friends." Guests shared a branded message with their personal networks through, becoming an integral marketing tool by creating a personal awareness about the hotel for every one of their connections. Each guest post directed their friend or relative to the hotel's website, which then dynamically personalized for each and every guest connection. "Chamberlain West Hollywood is an luxury hotel, and wanted to reach a similarly upscale clientele," said Debi Moses, Senior Director of Sales for "The beauty of is that whether your hotel is high-end or limited-service, your guests will share with friends who are similar to themselves. That's your core market." Related Link: