Starwood’s executives call today’s global setting the days of great change. Around the world there is greater connectivity. These forces are accelerating and changing everything from business to society to everyday life. This global connectivity is driving the age of luxury travel in emerging markets. Starwood now operates more hotels in Dubai than New York. Thanks to technology, marketers in all categories have access to more consumers, and consumers have access to more information about the world. Soon there will be more cell phones than people on the planet and many marketers cannot begin to predict the kind of change that this will bring to the industry. Technology makes it possible to not just talk to a brand’s most elite guests, but anyone anywhere in the world. Consumers expect to have their unique preferences met everywhere they go. Great design and great service by itself can’t set you apart anymore. The old notion of luxury of serving ladies and gentleman is a credo for the ages, but most likely not a credo for this age of change. Get the full story at Luxury Daily Read also "Luxury marketers must understand intersection of service and technology" at Luxury Daily