Next week MAGIC will fill Las Vegas with fashion makers pitching their newest designs. This week, luxury hoteliers are here in the desert, talking up new hotels they are getting ready to open to over 2,000 travel agents who are part of Virtuoso’s network of travel advisors. Kelly Grumbach, General Manager at Quintessenitally Travel, says, it’s not unusual for her well-to-do Millennial customers to decide to go to Mumbai or Tokyo for the weekend, bringing with them a list of both dietary requirements and specifications on bedding. Jack Ezon, President of Ovation Vacations, adds that the needs and wants of today’s luxury customers can’t be met easily by online travel agencies. Grumbach notes that when a client isn’t happy, she is on call to pick up the phone and call the general manager to get things sorted out. Sorry Captain Kirk. With that in mind, CEOs and senior executives from top hotel groups are in town to make sure the travel trade knows about what’s new and make sure their offerings are top of mind in the ever more cluttered luxury segment. Get the full story at Forbes