The “stodginess” of traditional hotel check-in is one of the consistent findings in my research as a hospitality and customer service consultant. A traditional front-desk check-in feels archaic and slow to many of today’s travelers, and even more so to the guests who will soon dominate the hospitality industry’s market: the huge and tech-savvy Millennial generation of customers. Which is why some innovative five-star luxury hotel brands have been stealthily revolutionizing hotel check-in. And they’re not doing it primarily the app-ish, mobile-y way that Hilton Hotels announced last week. (I covered that story here.) A solely app-based approach, they feel, treats check-in as purely transactional. Not as the service touchpoint they’d like it to be. Are these hoteliers and hotel brands making the right call here? Can check-in be a warm experience, a memorable (in a good way) experience, even in this age of rushed, distracted, multi-tasking guests? Can it, just maybe, even be a blast? Get the full story at Forbes