The second part of Spafinder Wellness 365's State of Wellness report, just released, looks at the demographics of wellness travelers. And it found that that when it comes to modern travelers, the availability of options such as adventure activities like surfing and hiking, medical services and sleep clinics are more important to GenXers and Millennials than to their parents and grandparents. The top bookers of wellness travel today are older Gen Xers and the very youngest of Baby Boomers, or travelers ranging in age from 46 to 55. That group is followed by GenXers in the 36-to-45 bracket. The heart of the boomer generation comes in third, followed by Millennials, and lastly, those over 65. The report, based on a July 2105 survey of 200 North American and European travel agents, offers interesting insights into the wellness tourism sectors. The wellness travel “landscape is expanding, more complex, and less one-size-fits-all than ever,” said John Bevan, COO of Spafinder Wellness. Get the full story at Travel Weekly View and download the report at Spafinder