The OTAs consider this move to be a direct attack on their business model which will substantially increase their costs and create inefficiencies, ultimately to the detriment of consumers and to the airline industry as a whole. The OTAs’ position is that the Lufthansa surcharge is manifestly illegal. In the first instance, the surcharge breaches the non-discrimination rules that apply to a parent carrier under the CRS Code of Conduct adopted at EU level (Regulation 80/2009). The surcharge also constitutes a clear infringement of EU competition law, both under Articles 101 and 102 TFEU and equivalent provisions under national competition laws. If Lufthansa does not abandon the announced surcharge, the OTAs will consider further action necessary to prevent the introduction of the surcharge. Get the full story at the Digital Journal Read also "Lufthansa GDS fee ‘a defining moment for travel’"