You've got your cards, your chips, and that silly green visor. Now, how do you actually play cards? With landing page optimization, you must do a little work to receive the clickstream data from the engines. You need some functionality on your site to capture the data and do something with it. You can get this either by creating the scripts yourself, working with your analytics package, or consulting with a specialty landing-page-optimization agency, such as Offermatica.

This will help get you deeper into the game, but you need to apply your own smarts to win. Think about the landing page as an ad, not just a Web page. If you know more about visitors' motivation, you can find ways to creatively deliver on their needs. This is a fantastic opportunity for interactive agencies to supercharge search campaigns.

There's a real benefit to this, too. If you're like most search marketers, you're concerned with rising click costs. Do the math. If you're more successful at landing conversions, you get more money to compete for top spots on high traffic keywords. Winning at conversion can spark a cycle of success where you can move up in rankings. This will deliver more leads and, hence, more conversions. It could ultimately cement you in a very profitable position and protect you against aggressive bid tactics.

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