John Detwiler wants to make Moqvo, the latest player in the RSS aggregation field, the TiVo of the internet -- but he's going to have to go up against some of the biggest names in media, namely Yahoo and Google, to make it happen.

In front of a flat-screen TV connected to his razor-thin laptop, Moqvo's co-founder, who positions the site as a "social media center," begins a tour of his competitors, browsing through sites such as My Yahoo, NewsGator and Google's beta version of an RSS reader.

"[They're] all a text-based user experience," said Mr. Detwiler, who then went to his site and launched into his pitch as to why a little company with a dozen or so programmers in a one-floor office in Columbus, Ohio, can beat the Googles and Yahoos of the world as RSS emerges as the next big technology twist to the web.

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