The eventual idea is for Morgans Hotel Group guests - whether residing in one of its properties or merely stopping by the bar - to log into its WiFi system through a social account of their choice such as Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter. The hotel group currently is testing the WiFi logins at the Hudson Hotel only. The system could help Morgans counteract the loss of customer data otherwise intercepted by room-booking middlemen such as and Priceline. Travel sites help hotels sell rooms they wouldn't otherwise, but without the traditional direct transaction with guests, hotels lose out on customer information. That makes keeping in contact, making targeted offers and building loyalty a challenge. Those logins give the Hudson access to whatever information people on its property make available publicly on the social site they use to access the WiFi. People can also log in using their email addresses. "We can get some information about the guests that they have publicly shared on their profiles and upsell back to them," said Gustaf Burman, chief technology officer of Morgans Hotel Group, which has hotels in South Beach, Las Vegas, London and elsewhere. If a guest posts a lot about fitness, for example, the hotel might recommend local running routes. Get the full story at AdvertisingAge