Return Path recently surveyed more than 2,000 consumers to get information on e-mail habits. One finding was that 37 percent report using the “This is spam” button to unsubscribe from e-mails they previously asked for.

Many marketers wonder why. Are consumers stupid? No. The truth is that consumers don’t always trust the unsubscribe link. We asked respondents whether they trusted this link, and if not, why not. Nearly 31 percent don’t trust unsubscribe links. This mistrust can wreak havoc on deliverability.

The written responses to this question shed light on what consumers think about e-mail. Many people indicated that they used unsubscribe links conditionally. If they trust the sender, they trust the unsubscribe link. Other respondents explained the use of the “This is spam” button on e-mails they know they asked for: They don’t believe the unsubscribe link will work, or that it won’t work quickly enough. The spam button is more efficient.

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