Google Attribution is designed to integrate data from Google Analytics, AdWords and DoubleClick, among other platforms. It can show a brand how many conversions in a campaign come from social, email and search, respectively, for instance. This is not Google’s first foray into attribution. The company introduced Attribution 360, a paid attribution solution, last year as part of Google Analytics 360 Suite. The difference between Google Attribution and Attribution 360 is the latter is more advanced and helps big ad spenders unify all of the data from their marketing channels, including programmatic data, TV data, search data and more, according to a company spokesperson. The issue of Google and Facebook grading their own homework is still a big concern for marketers, as recently underscored by WPP CEO Martin Sorrell. Because of the inherent conflict of interest, Crossmedia CEO Kamran Asghar said his agency would never use attribution services from Google or Facebook. Get the full story at Digiday Read also "How Google plans to kill ‘last click attribution’"