Google’s move to factor mobile friendliness into its mobile search rankings beginning April 21 means that marketers with sites that fail to render an easy-to-navigate experience on mobile may lose their top placement in Google’s search results. The implication could be a large amount of traffic loss as some sites show roughly 50 percent or greater skew towards mobile traffic. “We predict marketers will take it seriously, and most already do, but Google’s mobile algorithm will only be a catalyst for brands who are not up to par,” said Michael Dobbs, vice president of search engine optimization at 360i, a New York-based digital marketing agency. “Their Web analytics will spark their compliance if this update impacts free traffic. Most smart marketers and large brands that are active in digital already realize the importance of providing a great mobile experience,” he said. “They have the data and analytics to prove the percentage of existing customers who are entering via mobile devices.” Get the full story at Mobile Marketer Read also "Hotelier’s guide to the Google mobile-friendliness update"