Baby boomers generate nearly half of the United States’ after-tax income, an amount of $3.6 trillion, and overwhelmingly prefer in-person to online purchases for all luxury products and services except for travel. Although much is made by marketers, brands and researchers alike about the significance of reaching the millennial consumer in digital spaces and according to her preferences, the boomer must not be forgotten. “It is critical [for brands to ensure they are not ignoring boomers in favor of millennials],” said Mike Lees, CMO of WealthEngine. “It requires a conscious decision to focus on this demographic because as marketers have skewed their spend towards digital campaign elements, they are potentially missing opportunities to get in front of this group.” “Engaging 50+ Consumers in a Digital World: How Luxury Brands Earn Trust Through Online and Offline” surveyed 462 consumers aged 50+ with at least $50,000 in disposable income and a net worth exceeding $1 million buying habits and preferences. The report also includes accounts from executives and marketing directors, who draw on their experiences to help apply the data. Get the full story at Luxury Daily