In a story about the content discovery trend, Re/code quoted Instagram’s Kevin Systrom: The Holy Grail is to give people the sense of now and what’s happening now. The gap between something happening in the world and you knowing about it is becoming fractionally small. I think we’re all in a race as companies to provide you that information. There is little happening in the world of content marketing that taps into our audiences’ thirst for new content. Content curation was a hot topic a couple years ago, but discussion of how brands can surface great content for users through curation has tapered off. In light of how social sites are satisfying that demand, basic curation looks fairly primitive (thought still useful). Being discoverable is vital to good content marketing, but being a source of discovery is an altogether different animal. Some organizations have taken discovery seriously. Four Seasons Hotels, for example, launched a Pinterest campaign in 2013 called “Pin. Pack. Go.” The idea was to help travelers find things to do in cities they planned to visit. After a traveler created a pinboard called “Pin. Pack. Go” for their destination city, the Four Seasons property in that city would accept collaboration invitations and local staff would pin material about nearby adventures awaiting them. Get the full story at PR Daily