Marketing's new reality is alignment with individuals: brands are looking seriously at media delivered to an individual, who then carries them to others similar in one or more specific attributes. What I'm talking about, of course, is social media. It's the practice of developing finely tuned, individualized content servings that are picked up and carried through - rather than pushed down into - social networks.

In the recent "AlwaysOn," VantagePoint Venture Partner's David Carlick makes the case that everyone is at the center of a bell curve. The center of the curve describes people a lot like them. Get to one person with a reasonable value proposition, and you get to them all. This kind of approach to the age-old practice of targeting becomes the center of a data-driven campaign. When marketers quantitatively track campaigns and discover tractive (define) community members in the process, they can fine-tune the product and further bond with these customers, thereby ensuring message conveyance. The essential craft becomes developing campaign materials that seek out and leverage those first few connections.

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