Depending on who’s counting, local advertising in the US represents 2/3 of all advertising dollars. If you look at just newspapers and the yellow pages, much of which Internet advertising is taking over, you can see it’s a major factor. When search marketing start it was very difficult to get good local search results, that has changed as the major search engines have perfected local search research or have partnered with local search engines.

If you’re a local business and you want to use search to get businesses, you need to understand your options. But if you’re a national or regional business with multiple offices it’s just as important. If you are a franchise with multiple locations, you have the same challenge to help people understand that you have a local presence. Just having a “find a branch/outlet/dealer” on your web site won’t help the users that didn’t get to your site in the first place, who did a generic search but want a local offering.

What kind of local search strategies are available in today’s market? Actually, quite a number of them.

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