The hotel industry has been leveraging the power of user reviews for years, but the flights vertical has only recently started to experiment with criteria other than price, such as “convenience”, “agony” and “happiness”. Momondo has implemented a simple version, displaying smiling or frowning faces based on the flight price relative to its duration. Hipmunk’s “agony” filter is also meant to help users find the most convenient flights amongst the clutter. The most innovative solution though comes from Routehappy, a newcomer launched at the end of 2013. The site displays a “happiness score” calculated not only on price and speed, but also on flight amenities such as seats, leg room and wi-fi, as well as traveller ratings. This is the direction we are moving towards in the booking of flights, as well as accommodation. Curating user reviews, user photos, factoring in the smaller things like the quality of inflight entertainment, the food, the cabin crew etc, will give users a powerful overall understanding of the particular flight and additional reasons to book or avoid. Will this be achieved by the big meta-searches, or is this a chance for an innovative affiliate start up to shine? Get the full story at PerformanceIN