Over the past several decades, moms have changed significantly. Moms have full schedules that include busy careers, morning workouts, and sometimes even getting home in time to have dinner with our kids. More and more modern moms are shaping our role to fit into whatever the 21st century may offer up. That means juggling all that time shifting and channel management and also making sure we curate and edit what we see and do. Many moms crave what they perceive to be the simplicity of yesteryear. They think back to when their grandparents or great-grandparents could gather the family and serve a healthy and hearty meal on Sunday nights. For today's moms, their own childhood and the parenting to which they were exposed may seem processed and "microwaveable." They don't want to pop frozen fish sticks into the oven and call it a day. They want to be thoughtful about what they feed their kids and how they give them a sense of family and community. So they seek to emulate what their grandparents and generations before did at home. Get the full story at iMedia Connection