A report on spa and wellness tourism conducted by SRI International for the Global Spa and Wellness Summit released earlier this month estimated the wellness tourism economy to be a nearly $440 billion market, a figure that includes all expenses made by tourists who seek to improve or maintain their well-being during or as a result of their trip. According to the report, wellness tourism (i.e., travelers who considered wellness to be a primary or secondary purpose of their trip) accounted for 6% of trips and 14% of all tourism expenditures. Many travel and lifestyle themes coexist on the wellness platform. Think experiential, individualized travel tied to a heightened interest in organic foods and eating well. Potential clients could range from boomers interested in preserving their physical and mental well-being to younger travelers who have grown up alongside the growth of yoga, slow food and environmental awareness. Voluntourism and experiential trips can also play a role in wellness travel. "Digital detox" vacations were mentioned as a form of wellness travel by SpaFinder in its 2013 forecast on spa and wellness trends: a forced break from, and opportunity to re-evaluate, the hustle and bustle of daily life in the era of the omnipresent Internet. Get the full story at Travel Weekly Read also "Study: Wellness travel segment poised to overtake global tourism" at Travel Market Report and "Hotel brands focus on health and wellness in design" at HotelNewsNow