Marriott Rewards's effort is pretty much a dream come true for Snapchat. Previously, media partners, like Mashable and TV studios, were the only outlets building exclusive, high-quality, episodic content for its app. But now brands — representing some of the world's largest businesses — are vying for spots on the platform. That could mean that brands could have their own channel or they sponsor takeovers of existing ones. In the meantime, these businesses are proving themselves to Snapchat by creating and paying for ads. "The idea originally was to mimic television. We wanted to create a TV series and mimic it as such," said Amanda Moore, senior director of social and digital marketing at Marriott International. "Snapchat provided us with a lot of best practices, speaking to camera. We knew we needed someone authentic, relatable." Get the full story at Mashable Read also "How Marriott became a storytelling powerhouse"