In a world with Airbnb and a duopoly of powerful OTAs scale looks much more appealing. That’s the strategy and now Marriott with Starwood are investing in to compete with the changes taking place in hotel distribution and marketing in recent years. With negotiating power strenghtened amongst OTAs, there is no reason, why hotel brands cannot to the same when dealing with the likes of Expedia, TripAdvisor, and Google. And for consumers, if they are now able to go directly to Marriott’s site and choose from a wide array of properties, there might be no point in checking out Expedia. The companies have a combined 30 brands between them, yet Marriott expects Starwood brands to remain in place. Get the full story at Business Travel News and Tnooz Read also "Marriott-Starwood deal is a 'game changer'" at Hotel News Now, "Here's who will get hurt the most by Marriott's deal to buy Starwood" at The Street, and "Does industry need behemoth like Marriott/Starwood?" at TTG Asia