“With the ever-changing media landscape, combined with our hyper-connected, digital world, we felt it was important for the “Golden Rule” campaign to reach our consumers on the platforms they are regularly interacting with to get their news and content, including TV, web, and social,” says Paige Francis, vice president of global market branding at Marriott International. “We wanted to extend the heartwarming sentiments beyond the commercials and were able to do so with digital-only content.” The content of the ads themselves range, but all deal with the inherent idea of helping others in times of need. “Human,” the longest of the campaigns, is also the most inclusive; it incorporates all four brands into one commercial that addresses both personal and political themes, such as friendship, bullying, interracial and same-sex couples, and overcoming language barriers. Stylistically, all of the commercials are in black-and-white, distinguishing the campaign from other hotel advertisements as well as Marriott’s previous promotions. Get the full story at Lodging