As hotel management companies have consolidated and shifted to a more asset light model, the competition and pressure to deliver to hotel owners and shareholders has intensified. Earlier this year Brian King, Marriott’s global officer of digital, distribution, revenue management and global, explained the move by saying that the firm remains “very, very committed” to intermediaries and partners, but also to hotels and hotel owners. However, as is very often the case in the hotel industry, views on the move are polarised. Richard Lewis, CEO NPD Hotels (formerly CEO of Best Western Hotels GB, and Landmark Hotels, Dubai) for one, thinks the commission cuts are fair play. “Intermediaries never like commission cuts. Many of us remember when British Airways started to cut travel agent commissions down to 1% back in the early noughties! ABTA, representing about 7,000 retailers in the UK at the time, said its members would not be able to survive on 1% commission.” Get the full story at EyeForTravel Read also "IHG is joining Marriott and Hilton in slicing meetings commissions"