Think of her as having just turned 30. She has scored a new job -- with her fifth employer. One of the best perks of her new job, as she sees it, is that it involves travel. A lot of travel. The best news for our industry is that Gen Y’s love to travel. She is part of a coming boom of Next Gen frequent travelers who already make up a quarter to a half of all travelers in the world’s major markets. So, which companies win her loyalty? Jia is not loyal, at least not in the same way as our prototypical road warrior. She doesn’t own her home or a car. She buys her groceries online from a site that chooses the freshest and cheapest products from different markets. She’s waited to make some big life decisions and isn’t sure she’ll ever decide on one person, one home or, maybe, one brand. Millennials like Jia define “Service” as “Personalization” and they report far more willingness than older generations to allow access to their personal data when they feel they receive a tangible benefit in return. Global brands now have the advantage of collecting a tremendous amount of data on travelers. Jia expects that brands will know that she likes a room with a view, one that ends with her lucky number. She wants them to be as technologically-savvy as she is, so she can check-in and checkout with a single press of her thumb. Get the full story at LinkedIn