MICROS OPERA PMS is a robust property management system that is designed to address the needs of any size hotel, and manage all daily activities necessary in a hotel’s operation. From handling reservations to managing accounting and billing, OPERA offers a feature set that can be configured to any hotel’s requirements. With the advanced interface capabilities that are offered with MICROS OPERA, hotels have an invaluable solution to increase productivity, drive sales and customer satisfaction, and boost profits. “After considerable evaluation, we selected the cloud-based MICROS OPERA as a proven system that provides the stability and feature functionality, including the mobility, that we require,” stated Kermit Littlefield, Vice President of Global Property Management Systems for Marriott International. “Additionally, having used MICROS OPERA in our international properties, we are confident it is a superior solution for our properties in North America as well.” “We are pleased to grow and strengthen our partnership with Marriott International, which has one of the most powerful brand portfolios in the world,” stated Thomas L. Patz, Executive Vice President of MICROS Systems. “MICROS OPERA provides Marriott the most advanced PMS solution in the industry, allowing Marriott to further innovate its business and enable memorable connections with its guests.” Related Link: Micros Systems