During her welcome address, Ms. Edmundson shared her thoughts on today’s luxury consumer, saying that guests who choose Marriott-owned properties are no longer as motivated by financial wealth as they once were. Increasingly, affluent guests are prioritizing time well-spent, relationships and personal happiness as success is measured differently. Also, affluent guests are looking to shape their own vacations and the experience had, rather than the hotel dictating the expectations. Marriott has acknowledged guests’ interest in connection by adding value to its properties through experiential programming derived from a hotel location and the surrounding area’s culture. “The affluent travelers in particular are not static … they are dynamic, forever changing and defined more by their interests and mindset than their geographic and demographic,” Ms. Edmundson said. “We all know they are buying experiences over luxury goods … and this experience economy is good news for us … but we have to make sure we lead in terms of innovation, coupled with good, warm, genuine care for our guests,” she said. Get the full story at Luxury Daily