With the move to cut commission rates to all group bookings made in its US and Canadian properties from 10% to 7% starting on 31 March, Marriott is also centralising group intermediary commission payments. This decision comes as many companies in the hotel industry are counting their expenses in the MICE space. Marriott global officer of digital, distribution, revenue management and global sales Brian King defended the move as a “reset and rethink” moment for the company. “We’ve been looking at the demand that we’re receiving from our customers and the amount of innovation that needs to take place in the group space from an end-user perspective, and then we’ve also been watching the pace of revenue growth and the pace of commissions, and they’re just not commensurate with each other,” he told Business Travel News. Get the full story at Travel Daily Read also "Marriott cutting commissions on group bookings" and "Some see Marriott rate cut as step toward tiered commissions"