Sure, Marriott will likely pay TripAdvisor lower commissions than it generally pays Expedia and, and that’s a factor in the hotel chain’s decision to participate in TripAdvisor Instant Booking. But gaining increased clout when bargaining with Expedia was Marriott’s prime motivation, argues Starkov, who presented his views during a UBS expert conference call for institutional clients October 1. Skift obtained a transcript of the call. “I mean in the past when Marriott and Expedia sit in the same room and negotiate, these are two 800-pound gorillas negotiating,” Starkov said. “Now when Marriott sits with Expedia, one is a 1,200-pound gorilla, the other one is still an 800-pound gorilla. “And that’s why Marriott needed another leverage - which in this case is TripAdvisor - and so when they sit with Expedia and say, ‘By the way guys, of course we want to lower your commission because do you know that our commissions with TripAdvisor, which is the largest travel website in the world, and we’re seeing tremendous results from our participation in Instant Booking.'” Get the full story at Skift