In fact, Marriott International brands show the highest volume of direct site bookings for May 2017 at 26.21%, up from 15.13 in May 2016. Wyndham shows the highest year-on-year increase, up 6.76%, respectively. The Hitwise report ä "Hotel Bookings Inspire: Direct Hotel vs. OTAs, Who is Converting" - analyzes website traffic and bookings for online travel agencies. Hilton Hotels, Choice Hotels, Starwood and Hyatt Hotels and Resorts have increased direct bookings, whereas St. Regis Hotels, Best Western, Sheraton, and InterContinental Hotel Group have declined. Overall, Hilton does the best job at ranking in search results and among their own site visitors, Marriott came in second, Best Western, third. Get the full story at MediaPost Read also "Hotel direct booking campaigns not taking meaningful share from OTAs"