The film, which will be available May 19 on mobile via YouTube, follows the hotel chain’s release in March of Two Bellmen, which has so far received five million views on YouTube. The project builds upon Marriott International’s bid to connect emotionally with consumers and highlight its properties in a creative manner with mobile playing a major strategic role. “When we sit down to plan content, we actually build the creative and distribution strategy working backwards understanding how each screen is different from viewer to viewer an behavior,” said David Beebe, vice president of creative and content marketing at Marriott International, Bethesda, MD. “It’s not just about creating one piece of creative and pushing it everywhere. You have to build creative in context for each screen.” “By providing content on mobile that provides value – be it utility, destination, or entertainment –, the viewer makes a positive association with the brand because it provided value first, and didn’t try to sell anything,” he said. Get the full story at the Mobile Marketer