Clark Cummings, Senior Manager of Member Marketing, Marriott International and his team decided to create a "This Year in Review" campaign for their Marriott Rewards newsletter list. The team started working on the send in mid-September with a planned send date at the end of December. Because there were several factors involved in this send, the team at Marriott International had to reach outside of Marriott International's marketing department. "It touched multiple departments within our organization, all of our agency vendors. There were a lot of hands involved," Cummings said. "We wanted to do something that was much more light-hearted and had a more personal touch to it … It was really new and exciting territory for us to cover." The Year in Review send helped triple the December average of revenue per message delivered. Learn how this customer-centric send contributed to making Marriott's Q4 of 2014 the most successful fourth quarter in three years. Get the full story at MarketingSherpa Read also "Email strategies must include a more cross-channel attitude toward customer interactions" at eMarketer