Do you know your true online ROI? What if your ROI was 100 percent greater than you thought? Are you measuring your online-influenced offline sales to accurately measure the ROI of your online campaign? (Chances are, some of your competitors do.) Careful measurement could bring you additional marketing dollars. How so? If you are focusing only on your online revenue, you could be optimizing your marketing budget for the wrong products.

Most high-ticket items are sold offline, and by ignoring those items, you may not necessarily be optimizing overall revenue for the organization. By measuring or estimating your offline revenue generated by the online channel, you can optimize your product portfolio in a holistic manner. As observed by comScore, certain industries, such as video games & consoles, toys & hobbies, and consumer electronics, have higher offline conversions than others. Let's take a look at how to get the job done.

Everyone knows that a connection between online and offline exists, but few are taking the time to measure the effects. Now you have the tools to get started. Clearly, the online channel is an integral part of a successful marketing campaign. Measuring its true ROI will only benefit your organization and allow you to make better informed marketing decisions. The mission is possible; you just need to make it happen.

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