If Chip Conley misses anything about staying at hotels, it’s room service. Waiters delivering pasta dinners to guest rooms is a dying convenience because hotels lose money doing so. “Guests who use room service love it, but its future is not looking good,” Conley says. In April, Conley, a hotel industry veteran, traded “institutionalized” amenities like room service for apartment rental website Airbnb. His job is to make sure Airbnb users are happy whether they rent someone’s college crash pad, a cozy condo or a seaside mansion in Hawaii. Conley’s hiring is intended to enhance Airbnb’s appeal at a time when it is trying to become a full-fledged hospitality business. To get to the next level, the company has to ensure a certain level of comfort - or at least set realistic expectations - for guests and hosts. Conley and his hospitality team in San Francisco and Ireland must keep close tabs on Airbnb’s 800,000 hosts, who range from people who rent out extra rooms in their homes to mini real estate moguls who list a number of apartments. Hosts are supposed to stick to nine standards including accuracy of their online listings and keeping homes tidy. Get the full story at Fortune